Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Love My Husband

   It's not often that I am accused of completely flubbing something or making a big, silly mistake.  However I am human.  I have made my share of "oops" moments.  The other day, I, unfortunately, added one of these mistakes to my "oops" list.

The Sewing Machine in Question
    As you know, if you've been following along with the blog, that most of my projects as of late have been of the sewing persuasion.  I decided that I was going to finish up a pocketed slipper holder (like a pocketed shoe rack but, smaller and meant to just hold our slippers). I pulled out my trusty sewing machine and began to set it up.  Bobbin in place?  Check.  Thread threaded through the machine and needle?  Check.  As I tried to lower the needle to pull the thread from the bobbin through the machine, the needle stopped.  It was stuck.  Now, for those of you that don't sew,  this means that the mechanism that allows the needle to move up and down to make the stitches was jammed. . . or so I thought . . .

   The machine had jammed up on me a few times before and thread tangled up near the bobbin was always the culprit.  This time that area was clear.  No tangles.  I checked everything I could possibly think of but, couldn't find the cause of my conundrum.  So, I handed the machine over to the resident mechanic (my husband).

   Bill started by checking everything I'd checked and then began to remove screws from the casing of the machine.  He needed to get inside to find the jam.  One section of the case turned into two and, eventually, he had all but one of the sections off of the machine and scattered across the table.  Part by part, Bill checked the inner workings and found nothing . . . until, . . . he found the section of the machine where the mechanism in question starts.  There was a stopper pressed against it (like a brake on the wheel of a car).  When the stopper was pulled away, the needle moved just fine.

At Least I Got The Project Finished
   Why wasn't the stopper moving away? Was the stopper jammed? Had I sprung a spring and now it wouldn't move? . . . . Nope . . . When I last wound a bobbin on the top of the machine, I left the locking mechanism on.  Unbeknownst to me, this locking mechanism also locks the needle.  This makes sense.  If it didn't, when I pressed on the peddle to wind the bobbin, the needle would be moving up and down also. . . . I didn't think of this until AFTER Bill found the locking mechanism. . . In other words, Bill had spent a good part of the afternoon trying to fix a sewing machine that wasn't broken.  There wasn't a thing wrong with it except it's operator. . . . Oops!  User error.

   I couldn't believe I'd made such a stupid, silly mistake.  Worst of all, I had dragged Bill into it.  He was trying to be a wonderful husband and fix the problem . . . There was just one problem with that . . . There was no problem to fix! Ugh!  I felt terrible and began apologizing as he started the process of putting the pieces of the casing back together. . .  He never complained, or further exacerbated the problem by pointing out my aloofness. . . He just just gave me an "I love you anyway" look and handed me my "fixed" sewing machine.

   I love my husband and he obviously loves me . . . even when I'm far from perfect . . .

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Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.