Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, America!

These Boats Were "Rafted Up" by 4 p.m.
To Watch the Fireworks
   So, it's kind of ironic that Bill and I are celebrating Independence Day in a marina.  We are very "dependent" right now since our engine is STILL (still?!?) not functioning. . . It is even stumping the best mechanics in the area but, I digress . . . Despite our lack of mobility, we are doing our best with what we have and, on this day of red, white, and blue, are doing some celebrating.


Here's The Fist Finished Gate Pocket
(Been Working on This With My Sail Maker's Palm)

   We aren't doing much in the work department today.  Over the last few weeks, Bill has been working some small contracted jobs for some people here in the marina and I have been working on boat upkeep, sewing, and finding a job for myself.  I was offered a job at West Marine and will be starting in a few weeks. . . Yep, we might be here a while.  Even after the engine is fixed, we still have to revitalize our nearly comatose cruising funds.  So, back on the payroll I go.  Today, however, we are just relaxing and enjoying the day.



Back View (Notice the Velcro)


Bill's Homemade Hamburger Buns,
Freshly Baked, For The Chicken.  Yum!
   We have raised our American and Navy flags (Hooyah!).  Buffalo Chicken is in the works for dinner in the slow cooker (We were going to do burgers but, the meat didn't thaw as quickly as I though it would).  There are plenty of beers in the fridge and we are actually in the perfect spot (so we are told) to watch a great fireworks display tonight.



   Since we're on the subject of fireworks, I thought I'd share a few Independence Day facts that may surprise you.  I love learning and sharing interesting/little known historical facts.

   So, did you know . . .

  • The day that we actually celebrate is the date that the Declaration of Independence was adopted.  The actual "declaring" took place two day earlier.  
  • All of the signers (delegates) of the declaration did NOT sign on July 4th.  Actually, only two men signed on that day.  Many didn't sign the document until August 2nd, a few signed later than that, and still two more (John Dickinson and Robert R. Livingston) never signed at all.
  • We actually had a president born on July 4th.  Calvin Coolidge, our 30th Commander in Chief, was born in 1872 on this patriotic day.
  • We may have declared our independence in 1776 but, it wasn't recognized as a federal holiday until 1870 and it wasn't until 1938 that it was mandated that workers were payed for their day off.
  • This one kind of surprised me . . . In what year was July 4th first celebrated with fireworks? . . . 1777. . . Congress decided that the best way to celebrate the 1st anniversary was to set off fireworks over Philadelphia .  Hmm, I wonder what the founding fathers would think of our enormous displays today?
  • Thomas Jefferson was the first president to hold an Independence Day celebration at the White House.  
  • George Washington knew how to honor his men during the our war for independence.  He ordered a double ration of rum for all of his troops in 1778 and in 1781.
  • One last fact . . . There have been three presidents that passed away on July 4th and they were actually three of the first five men in office.  James Monroe died in 1831.  The other two, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams actually died in 1826 (same day, same year) and, in case you didn't notice, this was the 50th anniversary of our independence.  Quite appropriate.
                          *I used,, and for the facts*

   So, hopefully you learned at least one new fact to share with your friends this holiday weekend.  I hope you proudly fly your flags, fire up your grills, enjoy the fireworks, and have fun.  Thank a vet and say a prayer for all of those actively defending our country. We would not be able to celebrate this day without them.  Thank God for the privilege of being part of this nation.  Happy birthday, America! God bless you.

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Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.