Monday, January 12, 2015

Secure the Olive Oil!

   Over the last few days, we have traveled 280 nautical miles.  We had a few rather frustrating days and a couple that were pretty pleasant. The cats are starting to get adjusted to life aboard a rocking, moving vessel.  Bill and I are starting to see the pros and cons of motoring down the channels of Louisiana.  Overall, it's been an interesting week.

  The day after I wrote our last post, we decided to set out into the gulf.  Under normal circumstances, this would have been the best thing to do.  However, the weatherman got it wrong . . . very wrong.  We beat into the wind most of the day, dealing with rough waves and chilly temperatures.  By the time the sun was starting to set, we had definitely decided to revert to plan B, duck into the inter-coastal waterway. 

   Once we had set ourselves on our new path, we found ourselves spending our first overnighter in the channel.  It was bitterly cold but, at least there were no serious waves.  After dealing with a couple of nights without heat, a place to actually "park" the boat for a night seemed wonderful.  When it finally came time to tie up to a recommended transient dock, we were relieved . . . briefly.  It seemed that the same winds that had forced us into the channel had also blown so much water out of the channel that we only fit (due to our 5 1/2 ft. draft) in a spot with no electricity.  Thankfully, the men that worked the dock allowed us to run a power cord from the boat to an outlet that was used for their equipment.  We at least had a heater for the night. 

   As we started to settle in for the night, we looked around the cabins and salon.  Our very tired eyes were met with quite a sight.  Stuff was everywhere.  Papers here, tools there.  That's when I saw the galley. Olive oil. all. over. the sink and the counter.  Apparently my prized, well-weighted olive oil container had, and no wonder in those high seas, tipped over on the counter and slid into the sink.  There was a nice coating of yellow on everything from the spice bottles (that also flew into the sink) to the dish sponge. . . On the bright side, everything in the galley got a good cleaning.  I thought I knew how to secure our possessions pretty well after traveling around in a RV for a few years but, this, I guess, is different.  After all, RVs do move but, they don't do 10 ft. waves or 40 knot winds.    

     After that, things seemed to calm down.  We had a few obstacles here and there.  Our last stop was in Morgan City, Louisiana.  We were supposed to leave today but, the thick morning fog had other plans.  So, we took another day to recharge.  The people here have been very helpful and friendly. The town is small.  So, we were able to do some birthday gift shopping for family, send the gifts off at the post office, get a bite for lunch, and pick up some groceries all by walking a few blocks from our boat.

HUGE tree in Morgan City's park

   Tomorrow, we will head off for Houma, Louisiana and from there cross the Mississippi.  Here's hoping that the next few days will feel like they have here in Morgan City . . . and, hopefully, no more spilled olive oil.
Our view. or lack thereof, this morning

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