Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ready . . . Set . . . Dream

   There are just a few items left on our to do lists.  Our previous home is nearly cleared out.  We have planned, checked, repaired, replaced, and stowed just about everything . . . the moment of cutting those lines is almost here . . .

   For many, long term dreams are just that, dreams.  Some may take steps toward those dreams; researching, investing a little time and money but, very few actually make it to and take that final step, sometimes giant leap, that turns dreams into reality.  For us, this dream was to travel the world via sailboat.  Yes, we did our homework.  We invested much more than was initially planned - financially, physically, emotionally - but, we made it.  Finally, we are at the point where we can jump.

   For Bill, this was a dream that started when he was young and was only fueled by his career in the Navy.  For me, I've always loved being on, in, and near the water.  We both love to travel.  Our life together has been a constantly changing adventure.  Why would we stop?

   I am astounded at how far we've come and so very proud of the milestones we've met along the way.  This is something that we both have worked very hard to attain.  There were times when we had our doubts and worries.  There were times that we thought better of going through with something so drastic, something so "out of the box" but, this was a dream that needed to be realized, a dream that we couldn't let go.  

   So, we are about to realize our dream and take off on a grand adventure.  Please don't think me naïve.  I know there will be many times along the way when I will wish I was somewhere else and times when I will question my sanity but, this dream is a package deal. With the trials will come rewards.  For every leaky port hole, schedule delay, or skinned knuckle there will be an amazing sunset, a perspective-changing conversation, or delicious new meal to make up for it.

   To those of you who decide to read this blog and follow us on our adventure, thank you.  I, by no means, am an authority on sailing and will probably never call myself an expert.  However, I do hope to offer a little insight into the cruising lifestyle and possibly inspire someone else to take that next step toward their dream. So, ask questions, leave kind comments, learn from my mistakes, and sail along with us.  We'll soon be putting out to sea. 

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