Friday, March 3, 2017

Ruins and Slower Pace

Black Point Harbor

   Away from the mega-yacht infused marinas, over-priced stores and restaurants, and tourists in "desperate" need to post, tweet, and chat . . . away from the over-crowded hub of Nassau . . . is the Bahamian version of Mayberry. Here, things run at a slower, calmer pace.
A VERY relaxed cat on island time

   There's basically one main road that leads around the island. The local phone rep comes from the "mainland" (Georgetown) once a week to take care of the residents' minutes and bills.  Goats are the going model of lawn mower. The local children leave their small classrooms and walk home for lunch, returning to fit in a quick game of basketball before the bell rings.  The constable even doubles as the justice of the peace.    

   Yep, we've made it back to Black Point Settlement.  For those of you that have been keeping up with us for a while, you'll remember this as the place where I volunteered at the school for three weeks.  This is also where we made our first real attempt at fixing our engine fiasco and where we rode out Tropical Storm Anna.  (If you want to check out our first time in this wonderful spot, click on the links for May and June of 2015.)

This rock conveniently had a hole
in it for our dinghy line (painter)
   After spending a few nights in Palm Key Marina to wait out a front, we sailed south.  We made a few stops here and there, quick jaunts from island to island.  One of these spots was a place called Pipe Cay.  A former British Naval Navigation Center, this spot provides an interesting walk around the ruins (what's left of the center) along with a few pretty places to anchor your dinghy.
A BIG Bollard for a BIG boat

Some one went to a lot of trouble to make this a
sun downers spot

Inside the living quarters

I saved this little guy's life . . . I found him washed up on the
beach, so I put him back and he snuggled back into the sand

   We dropped anchor in Black Point yesterday afternoon.  Once we were settled in, we walked up to Lorraine's Cafe to catch up on our internet needs and have dinner. We plan on being here for about a week. This will allow us to catch a weather window to Georgetown.   I'll keep updating when I can as we keep moving further south.

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  1. Nice pictures, great post. You brought back a lot of great memories for us from being with you in Blackpoint. We are in Dinner Key mooring field waiting for a good weather window to cross over to Bimini beginning of next week. Miss you both.
    Linda and Tom
    S/V Uplifting

    1. We'd really like to catch up with you guys. Seems like the weather doesn't want to cooperate . . . hopefully you'll get a window soon.


Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.