Monday, June 6, 2016

Shouldering the Storm

   Remember when I wrote a while back about having some extra time on my hands? . . . Well, that was a momentary lapse in judgement.  I think the ethos took that comment as an invitation to "bring it on". . . I'm sure you all thought we just disappeared  . . . Or "fell into the ocean", as Bill's mom says . . . but, we're still here. We've just had A LOT going on lately. We're still working, still improving the boat, and still trying to get out of here as soon as possible.
   It began with a planned procedure for Bill. . . He's been having issues with his right shoulder for quite a while. Bone spurs, a bone growth under the joint, and some bone fragments behind the shoulder were causing him a lot of pain; several doctors over the last couple of years have recommended surgery. Bill was trying to put it off even longer but, we think his most recent return to work was the last straw.  The pain elevated to an unbearable level and he finally consented to an operation . . .

Bill snapped this pic from his hospital bed . . .

   Well, the simple operation didn't go as planned (the damage was worse than the surgeon thought), and 1 out-patient procedure turned into recovery at home, a partial shoulder replacement, a few nights in the hospital, more home recovery, and physical therapy. Whew!

Bill had no sooner settled in from the hospital, when the cats
started welcoming him home

   It wasn't long after we got Bill settled in on the boat (maybe a couple of days), when our aft head decided that it just wasn't going to work anymore. . . After a failed attempt at rebuilding the head (too many years of previous owners not taking care of it), we replaced the toilet and the hoses . . . Yeah, fun . . . we finally had a brand new working head. This would have been a huge pain under normal circumstances but, with Bill's shoulder out of commission, let's just say it was NOT a pleasant experience.

   This is just a small bit of what we've been dealing with . . . If I ever write that I have too much time on my hands again, call me out on it  . . . It just might save me from being struck by lightning or something . . .
This is Oliver clearly NOT being productive 
    Ok, so, we have been able to be somewhat productive during all of this. Bill's time off gave him a lot of time to work out plans for building dinghy davits and a new salon table.  We've, along with the whole head replacement, replaced our aft cabin fan, fixed our air conditioner (that also went out after Bill's surgery), and finished the bottom salon cushions . . . just the back cushions left. I'm so happy with my progress that I've already started pricing out materials for a few more projects ( Next, a new dodger!).
The bottom cushions fit nicely
My fist zipper plaque!

The pillows give a better idea of the color scheme I'm going for

   Bill also bought me an Ultrafeed sewing machine for my birthday last month! Not only will this allow me to work on our own projects but, once we get out sailing again, it will allow me to take on projects as we go.  Earning a little extra money as we go will certainly help to keep the cruising kitty topped off.

My new "toy" with the back cushions (sans the covers)
in the background

   We were also able to move the boat back to the City of Hollywood Marina (where we were first towed in after the engine fiasco).  This is a much better place for us to be; the staff is friendlier, the marina is cleaner, we have friends here also living on their boats, and the rent is significantly cheaper.

Simeon likes to "help" me sew . . . (notice the measuring tape
around his waist)

   I have added another recipe to the galley page as promised. I really enjoy putting this casserole together. It's pretty versatile and could be changed to suit a variety of tastes.
   Bill's therapy will last another 6 weeks and then he should be good as new. His full range of motion and load bearing ability should return . . . Something he hasn't had in a while. This will, according to the doctor, give Bill another 10 years of sailing before anything else has to be done to his shoulder.

   Hopefully our problem trend will start to subside . . . And there'll be a calm after the storm.


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Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.