Friday, September 18, 2015

A Soggy Situation

The Port Hole, Frame Removed For Reseating
The Frame
   In case you haven't been checking on the weather in this part of the world lately, it's rainy.  Really rainy, as in multiple thunderstorms every day.  All this water (ironic since not too long ago we were in a state of severe drought) is producing some not so pleasant side effects.  Flooded streets make walking and commuting more difficult.  There are a few leaks (We're working on fixing them) that have made themselves known to us by way of a soaked pillow, a damp settee cushion, a drippy port hole, and some drenched clothing  . . . The standing water is a mosquito's dream. . . If I had my way, mosquitoes would be wiped off the planet.  I HATE MOSQUITOES. . . .  but, I digress . . . anyway, you'd think that our torrential downpours wouldn't necessarily have an up side for a boater but, that's where you'd be wrong.

The Soaked Wood Removed, Port Hole Covered For Rain 
   Now, I know that the rain is great for all things green but, for someone who lives on a boat (and, therefore, doesn't own a lawn), this is not an enormous concern.  In fact, I sort of dread heavy rain because it means pulling out the extra towels and strategically placing them under the drippy spots, hoping that it doesn't rain long enough to soak the towels through.  So, what is the silver lining to this soggy problem?  A cleaner boat.

   I am certainly not the only boater to make use of our H2O surplus.  At work, I have seen quite a few people buying sponges, brushes, soap, and rags all with the intent of using the rain to assist them in their cleaning efforts.

These Guys Also Like The Rain
   Our boat has needed a good scrub down for a while, too long really.  Before all this rain started, it was just WAY too hot to get out there and spend several hours scrubbing down the boat.  However, today (since I had the day off) I decided that today was the day to swab the deck.   When I first started scrubbing, I had our water hose at the ready to rinse down one section of the boat at a time.  It wasn't raining, just overcast.  It didn't take long, however, for the thunder and storm clouds to roll in.  Soon, I found that the light rain was helping me to rinse as I went but, . . . you can have too much "help".  There were several times when I had to stop to take shelter under our bimini because the rain was coming down so hard that standing out in the open would have been a little ridiculous.  At one point I crouched under the dodger because the bimini offered no cover from the rain coming down sideways . . . Yes, I'm sure I looked rather silly sitting out there but, the heavy rain didn't last too long . . .
The Cats Like Checking Out The Deck
   Now, you might be wondering why I felt like I "had" to get this done today.  After all, I could have waited for another day that wasn't rainy and simply used the hose for the whole thing.  I could have but, honestly, the fact that the boat's exterior (the cockpit in particular) desperately needed a bath has been bugging me for weeks.  I hadn't done it before because it was raining, too hot, or I flat out didn't feel like it.  I was not going to put this off any longer. . . boy am I glad I didn't.  I don't have before and after pictures for you and that is because some areas, frankly, were embarrassing. . . most of the problem areas were under our cockpit cushions.  I like our cushions but, the fact that they are good at hiding dirt is not necessarily a good thing.  Looks can be deceiving; I didn't realize how badly the boat needed my attention until I moved the cushions to clean underneath. . . . Let's just say the boat is now CLEAN! Ahhhh . . .

Can I Go Outside Now?

Kookie Approves

   I realize that my methods were not the most conventional  but, since when am I concerned about that?  I mean if I wanted conventional, I wouldn't be living and traveling on out sailboat full-time with my husband and four cats  . . . I found a way to be happy with the rain and use it to our benefit; exactly inline with our attempt at back-to-basics living . . . Now, . . . if I could just find a silver lining to the the mosquito problem . . . hmmm . . . maybe not . . .      

Beautiful Sunset Over Our Marina

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Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.