Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gett'n Wild In The Keys

   Have you ever found that when you are constantly looking for something, it remains illusive no matter what you do?  Then, when you stop looking, you practically stumble over it?  Well this is exactly what we experienced with the manatee and, in general, the animals of the Keys. 

  Back when we were actually in the Manatee River, due to the cold, we never saw a single manatee.  Ever since then, we have been looking, in vain, for this gentle giant. By the time we arrived here in Marathon and still had yet to see this animal, I had all but given up.  Low and behold, after a few days here, we pulled into the dinghy dock to find a large bull manatee. This guy was huge. I couldn't believe the size of this guy.  He just hung out around the dinghies, munching on sea grass and making himself relatively photogenic.  After hanging around for several days, he moved on. 

How Much Is The . . . Rooster . . . In The Window?
   We did get a chance to take a bus trip to Key West to visit Brian and Erika.  Two other couples (Tom and Linda of Uplifting and Paul and Jane of Peace) went with us.  So, the eight of us (nine if you count Scupper, Brian and Erika's dog) spent the day wandering around the town, munching on treats, and taking plenty of pictures.  The animals here, mostly roosters, made their presence known and proved to be rather entertaining at times.  It was nice to spend the day hanging out with friends and enjoying new experiences.
These Little Guys Were All Over The Outdoor
Restaurant During Lunch


A Fake Palm Tree Painted To Look
Like A Pencil . . . ?
World's Largest Fork!

Tarpon - Large Fish Around Harbors At Key West

Cool Tree Outside Of Little White
House Museum

Bill Says I Never Post Pics Of Me.
So, Here's Me.
   We also had a chance to visit the local beach twice.  Sombrero Beach is a nice little spot to hang out.  The first time we went just to see what it was like.  The second time was for the Easter sunrise service being held by several of the local churches.  The service was very enjoyable and the setting couldn't have been better. 
On The Way To The Beach

On The Way To The Beach

At The Beach . . . Notice The Clear Water

These Little Guys Were All Around Our Dinghy.  Anemone?

   One of the other animals that seems to have a constant presence here in the iguana.  These guys are larger that you might expect and can display quite the array of colors, especially the males.  Despite their abundance in the Keys, snapping a picture of an iguana is not as easy as you'd think.  These oversized reptiles are fast and can even swim and climb trees.  So, if they don't want their picture taken, you probably won't be given the opportunity.  Thankfully this particular specimen was sunning himself and didn't seem to care that myself and several others were capturing him digitally.

   Last night, we even got an interesting dinner, well, really an interesting recipe.  I had planned on making a dish that used Soba noodles.  These noodles are quick cooking and the recipe seemed straight forward but, it said to "Follow package directions to boil noodles".  So, I checked the instructions on the back of the package.  What I found was rather funny.   Check out the instructions in the picture . . . reading this easy was not :) . . .

   As far as a weather window is concerned, we are simply keeping our eyes peeled.  The other couples that are planning on traveling with us are checking multiple sources and so are we.  As of today, the forecast is looking promising for the end of this week.  Whenever we actually do get a decent window to leave, we'll spend our fist day traveling to Rodriguez Key and anchor there for the night.  The next day, we'll head out into the Gulf Stream and follow it up to Bimini.  Once in Bimini, we'll check in with customs, stay a night or two to recharge the batteries and take hot showers, then move on down to the Berry Islands.
This Is "Harbor Hillbillies" - A Restaurant Right In The Marina

Marina-side Bar Band - Fiddle Rock
    For now, we'll continue to try to enjoy ourselves.  The people here have been great.  We've made a few friends, progressed on our project list, and seen some pretty interesting sights . . . Oh, and Bill hasn't had to even think about putting on a pair of socks since we got here . . .


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    1. Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier but, internet is a bit iffy in this part of the world. Thanks for the heads up. We actually met these guys in Marathon. We may run into them again when we re-enter the U.S.


Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.