Sunday, March 22, 2015

Not Quite Chill'n in Key West

   Appliances.  We all seem to  have a love-hate relationship with them. We love them when they work. They chill our food, wash our clothes, and make our coffee everyday. Usually, they are so effective at carrying out their allotted tasks, we don't really think about them. . . Usually. . . Then there are the occasions when these workhorses break down and drive even the most adept repairmen to frustration.

Laundry - Cruiser Style
   I give you our refrigerator; ever-present and never causing trouble.  The keys changed that.  The warmer water and much warmer temperatures are giving our aging refrigerator a run for its money. Literally.  It doesn't. Stop. Running. It won't even cool consistently. This is completely taxing the batteries, so much so that we are having to run the engine for 3 hours each day just to keep the charge where it needs to be. Not to mention that, we're constantly worrying about the temperature of the food.  Thankfully nothing has gone bad yet.

Our Wind Generator Is Now
Back In Business
   Now, before you suggest freon (a recharge kit), we tried that. It helped but, didn't fix the problem. We also defrosted the fridge. Again, not a fix. So, after trial and error and consulting various sources, we have come to a conclusion. There just simply isn't enough insulation in the fridge. We have found a few ideas on how to bulk up the insulation and plan on trying those as soon as possible.

   In our efforts to find parts for the fridge and other projects (Believe me, a project list never ends on a boat), we have found ourselves roaming around town a lot.  This has allowed us to walk the tourist scene as well as the less traveled areas. We've met some interesting folks, checked out a few shops, and sampled a bit of the local cuisine.  The locals are friendly and easy-going but, (as this is prime spring break time) the waterways can be a bit treacherous.  There is a combination of speed boat owners who don't care about the wakes they cause and tourists on various rented watercraft who, I think, just don't understand that driving by someone at close range on a boat is not the same as in a car.


One Of Many Banties In The Area
   We have also discovered the famed, or infamous, animal of Key West, the rooster.  These guys are everywhere; backyards, businesses, perched on signs, and, yes, crossing roads.  We even had one standing beside us as the cross walk waiting for the light. No joke. Smart rooster. I guess it gives new meaning to the term "bird-brained".


Walking Around Town

Picturesque View On The Walk To The Commissary

These Little Jellies Are All Around The Dinghy Dock 

Silas Has A New Favorite Perch
  We finally got the cats checked out and their papers are nearly in order.  We found a local vet that also sails to the Bahamas on a regular basis.  He helped to get the cats vaccines updated and (in accordance with the paperwork) is going to make a boat visit to see the cats here in their home environment.  We also have a very similar boat to his. So, I think he wants to see the boat, too.

Oliver Enjoys The Deck
Kookie Checks Out The Dodger

Simeon Thinks We Can Chart Our Course Later

Nap Time

   Our projects here have taken up quite a bit of our time. So, provisioning is the biggest thing looming on our check list (other than getting the fridge to cooperate).  I have the list made up and double checked. We just need to actually buy it all and get it stored on board. A task that is simple in theory but, not so easy in the physical execution. This is going to mean multiple dinghy rides, multiple walks to the store and back or rides in a taxi, and multiple loads of stuff to stow away.

Sunset In The Bay
  Rain Dog arrived on Thursday.  We are heading out to dinner tonight with them to discuss travel plans and have a fun evening out. As of now, if the weather cooperates, we'll head out mid week for Bimini by way of Marathon and Key Largo. Hopefully landing in the Bahamas by the weekend.  For now, we'll continue to work our way towards getting the boat Bahamas-ready and try not to get too frustrated with the fridge. . . Simeon certainly won't.

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Please let us know what you think. Feel free to ask questions and leave nice comments.